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BPO Certification Institute

Spread out across 50+ nations covering 500+ locations, BCI is a global impact force in business process outsourcing (BPO) today. BCI’s standards, certifications and solutions are changing, improving and enriching the way nations breed their BPO workforce; how they enhance their market-competitiveness and make BPO the engine of employment and economic growth. For hundreds of BPO enterprises worldwide, the BCI credentials for enterprise-level systems excellence contribute toward enhancement of their service-productivity levels, profitability and brand value. Over the years, BCI has broken new grounds in BPO industry ecosystem design; accelerated BPO workforce breeding and enterprise capability development for nations emerging on the international BPO marquee.

The BCI global network offers 18 internationally respected certifications for various levels of professionals working in the BPO and contact center industry in domains like customer and backoffice services; technical support, and even data processing, accounting and knowledge-based services. Over the last several years, BCI’s relevance and impacts have begun to spill out of BPO and into many other process-driven service-industries as well, including hospitality, travel, telecom customer service and airline, among others.

Beginning October 2013, BCI formally becomes a member of the CredForce worldwide network – the world’s largest credentialing platform consisting of leading international credentialing organizations. All ground-support, research assistance; footprint & partner management; credentialing process handling and assessments coordination activities of BCI for its worldwide audiences and markets will be managed by the globally distributed shared services network of the CredForce worldwide network

Catalyzing National & Corporate Growth Internationally Through Sharper BPO

Process-orientation has become integral and central to the strategy of most organizations and institutions today for competing surer and enhancing value for stakeholders. Outsourcing of these processes has assumed increased importance in all human, economic and industrial development activities, which nations and their organizations and enterprises undertake on various scales with motives of profit or non-profit. At BCI, we are driven by the zeal and resolve to continue empowering nations with capabilities, knowledge, strategy and knowhow to strengthen their industrial fabric and growth by adopting process-consciousness, and at the same time preparing to make the most of business process outsourcing.

BCI has been working tirelessly to enable service provider organizations – big and small BPO and other process-driven services companies cutting across sectors and domains like manufacturing, banking, finance, research, social development, governance, public service, medicine and education - move up to the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness. In the same vein, BCI has been empowering talents & professionals worldwide with the capabilities, knowledge and performance standards required to help take all human, economic and industrial development initiatives to the next level. BCI continues to accord unceasing, unwavering, unflinching and untiring focus on establishing new global benchmarks in ethically and technically stringent and secure competency credentialing practice and thereby, on making BCI Standards and Certification programs, the harbingers of change for staying the best.

Jacalyn Macy

“BCI has been at the forefront of steering and spreading business process outsourcing across the world. We are committed to making BPO, the driver of developing and underdeveloped economies through our standards and credentials.”

Jacalyn Macy
Vice Chairperson, BCI

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