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BCI Standards

Consistently superior performance
demands superior capability structures.
The BCI Standards help set them up for the BPO industry worldwide.

Over the last one decade, BPO has evolved far beyond recognition and into a new era – where it has become a can’t-do-without partner of industries across the board. During this era, BCI, as the world’s only BPO-focused standards and credentialing organization, has kept in step with industry growth and development.

Notably, BCI has bred an entirely new genre of only-for-BPOs standards during these momentous 10 years – the HCMS (Human Competence Master Standards), SDMS (Service Delivery Master Standards) and TMMS (Talent Management Master Standards) – Bodies of Standards that have coined success rules for BPO service provider industry. As the world’s very first set of service-provider dedicated sets of standards/ benchmarks these standards continue to play increasingly critical roles in the growth and development of the global BPO industry.

To get more insights on specific BCI standards, please click the links below:

Human Competence Master Standards (HCMS)

Service Delivery Master Standards (SDMS)

Talent Management Master Standards (TMMS)

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