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Service Delivery Master Standards (SDMS) Frameworks

Consistently delivering highest-quality services to clients and their customers at progressively lower costs will always remain the greatest basic challenge for BPO companies. Business Process Outsourcing itself is getting intensely competitive worldwide and the ever-rising client expectations have hardly helped matters. Till the release of the BCI Service Delivery Master Standards (SDMS) and the BSDQ™ Systems Series by the BPO Enterprise Standards Board (BESB), there were practically no versatile standards and Service Delivery Management systems to guide BPO companies globally. Most of the well-managed BPOs adapted service systems of other industries and some smarter, smaller BPOs used intuitive brilliance to create their own Service Management systems.

The BCI Excellence Process Model

One of the key pillars of the SDMS standards is the BCI Excellence Process Model (BEPM) commissioned in 2010 after three years of empirical research across 76 BPO organizations in 19 countries. The BEPM model enunciates a cluster of 9 distinct processes that have to be throbbing inside an organizational system to give it an excellence-centered focus.

The BCI Excellence Process Model

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