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Your Specialized BPO
requires a Special Capability Proof.
Mid-sized BPO service organizations with relatively smaller service-market configurations face unique Quality Management challenges in their service deliveries. Often, they can neither justify sinking investments in elaborate and expensive Service Management systems nor deploy large service quality teams with more expensive Service Management professionals thanks to their limited organic size and geographic footprints.

Such organizations need cost-effective solutions that help them bond to a set of global Service Management standards, which their limited operations can conveniently understand, interpret, adopt, and leverage. BSDQ-14™ has been developed exactly for such outfits. BSDQ-14™ Certified BPOs would have successfully installed and internalized fourteen strategically identified Service Delivery Quality drivers (SDQ drivers) as enunciated in SDMS Release 1.6.

BSDQ-14™ Certification offers a number of business and efficiency benefits to credentialed organizations including increased competitiveness; enhanced client confidence; greater organization marketability to prospective clients; and vastly improved service-delivery efficiency and quality.

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