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Talent Systems Certification
BTMQ-07™ is the world’s only talent management excellence credential for mid-sized, special-purpose BPOs that offer value-added and customized services to a select group of clients. The TMMS Release 2.0, which is the bedrock for BTMQ-07™, enunciates unique and special sets of standards for processes and practices across seven dimensions that impact the Talent Management function in such BPOs that handle business critical and often, extremely sensitive processes and activities for their clients and therefore need to maintain a great team of talented and specially trained employees and managers.

All BTMQ-07™ implementation and audit cycles are sharp, focused, and least disruptive to present operations. Indeed, just like a BTMQ-10™ Certified, a BTMQ-07™ Certified enterprise would typically experience faster recruitments; better employer-brand appeal and applicant-quality; reduced hiring costs; more efficient and better monitored employee development programs; smarter wages system; optimized performance management practices; more vibrant work climate; and indeed, longer employee-stays and reduced attrition.

Experienced BTMQ™ Audit & Implementation Partners (BIAPs), specially trained on the TMMS Release 2.0, manage the entire BTMQ™ cycle in which processes and practices in seven dimensions are implemented. Finally, once the organization is made TMMS compliant, the BTMQ-07™ Certification is awarded. The BCI Talent Systems Audit Group (TSAG) plays the role of the lead-facilitator and, in some cases, implementer of these projects. Broadly, a typical BTMQ-07™ Implementation/Certification cycle crosses the following steps:

Step 1: RFI-based organization study by BAP to prepare Audit Activities Program (AAP).

Step 2: BTMQ-07™ Launch Seminar involving BAP Team Leader and the Top Management of the client company to discuss the Audit Activities Program and the scope and logistics of activities.

Step 3: Finalization of theBTMQ-07™ Certification Preparation Document (BCPD), which will act as the Master Guide for the client’s BTMQ-07™ Project Team (BPT).

Step 4: Organization-wide baseline study - BTMQ-07™ Status Audit (BSA) to compile the current state of practices, systems and processes etc. in accordance with TMMS Guidelines.

Step 5: Gap analysis by BAP and Report submission to the client for improvement action and implementation (including the BTMQ-07™ Gap Modulus – the measure of deviation from SDMS).

Step 6: (Optional): BAP intervenes in systems restructuring etc. as a consultant to bring them in line with SDMS requirements.

Step 7: Client undertakes to implement improvement in systems and processes on its own as prescribed in the Gap Report in Step 5.

Step 8: BIAP conducts an organization-wide Pre-Certification Systems Check to measure the degree of compliances to TMMS and deviations from them, if any, once again.

Step 9: In the event of complete compliance with the TMMS, a certification decision is taken regarding award of BTMQ-07™.

Step 10: Communication of the Certification Decision - either an award or recommendations for further improvement.

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