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Which BTMQ version should I choose for My Enterprise

BTMQ™ is offered in two versions – the BTMQ7™ and the BTMQ10™. These two variants have been developed for BPO enterprises across domains, sizes and geographies. As the world’s first and the only dedicated-for-BPO standards framework for HR systems excellence, the BTMQ™ is awarded to organizations that complete their compliance to the Talent Management Master Standards. The TMMS addresses 10 critical strategic, process, and environment dimensions; and suggests standards across more than 150 parameters that impact the metrics of Talent Management effectiveness in your organization and helping you fight the challenges of attrition, underperformance, information thefts and compensation-design.

Small; niche BPOs:

If your enterprise is a specialized BPO service provider, in any domain with a capacity of 100 or less seats/workstations, and you offer small volume, value added services to a limited number of clients or you are offering standard services to a single client in a particular geography; then BTMQ7™ is a good starting point. BTMQ7™ is actually cut-out for your kind of organizations because the TMMS compliance can be accomplished faster, with fewer redundancies and disruptions to operations. Often, small outfits can neither justify sinking investments in elaborate and expensive Service Management systems nor deploy large service quality teams with more expensive Service Management professionals thanks to their limited organic size and geographic footprints. And this is where BTMQ7™ can be of help.

Indeed, a BTMQ-07™ Certified enterprise would typically experience faster recruitments; better employer-brand appeal and applicant-quality; reduced hiring costs; more efficient and better monitored employee development programs; smarter wages system; optimized performance management practices; more vibrant work climate; and indeed, longer employee-stays and reduced attrition. In effect, seven strategically identified Talent Management Quality drivers (TMQ drivers) are installed and activated during the implementation of TMMS during the process of attaining the BTMQ7™ certification. All BTMQ7™ pre-certification activities in a country or a geographical zone are handled by BCI's Service Standards Audit Group (SSAG) or Authorized Implementation and Audit Partner (BIAP) in that area.

Please write to us at to know more about how to go about getting BTMQ™ certified. All BTMQ-07™ implementation and audit cycles are sharp, focused, and least disruptive to present operations.

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Mid-sized & Large BPOs:

If your BPO enterprise facility operates more than 150 seats, BTMQ10™ is a good idea. BPO service organizations of your kind with more complex service-market configurations - face unique Quality Management challenges in their service deliveries. BTMQ10™ is by far, the most complex and advanced People Management Quality Standard for mid and large sized organizations available anywhere yet in the world. Based on the BCI Talent Management Master Standards credentialed by the BPO Enterprise Certification Board (BECB), BTMQ10™ is awarded to organizations that have successfully implemented all 10 of the Talent Management Quality drivers as enunciated in TMMS Release 2.0, and are proven compliant during the BTMQ™ Final Audit.

Please write to us at to know more about how to go about getting BTMQ™ certified.

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