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BCI to Breed the First Indigenous Batch of BPO Master Trainers for Mauritius

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BCI Launches BSDQ22 and BTMQ10 Standards & Certification in Asia Pacific & Emerging BPO Markets

BCI finally approved its BSDQ22 Service Delivery Standards and the BTMQ10 Talent Management Quality Standards for the African, Latin American & Asia Pacific BPO Industry. This paves the way for hundreds of BPO services organizations to benchmark their service delivery and Talent management processes to global standards for the first time. It took nearly 2 years to validate these stringent Standards and Certifications, which for the first time anywhere cover BPOs other than contact centers and call centers.

The BSDQ22 maps BPO services delivery standards across 22 capability spheres and for the first time prescribes benchmarks for BPOs who are engaged in services far advanced and complex than voice-based call centers and help-desk contact centers. The BTMQ10 architecture has 5 levels and proposes to assess the HR and Talent systems of BPO organizations across 10 performance-critical parameters before assigning them a BTMQ10 Level.
Typically, a BTMQ10-Level 5 BPO will have the most advanced Talent Management Systems and therefore is likely to exhibit most reassuring levels of Resident Talent Quality, Employer Brand Equity, Talent Retention and Talent Performance/ Productivity. A leading Texas-based HR consulting organization has already been engaged by BCI to manage the BSDQ Certification audit and standards implementation operations worldwide. BCI has also commenced the process of appointing lead auditors and implementation partners for the BSDQ and BTMQ series of Certifications in other parts of the world.

Jomo Kenyatta University (JKUAT) joins the BCI Mission Million Initiative

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT) in Kenya becomes another proud participant in the BCI Mission Million program. The African BPO Academy (ABA), BCI’s authorized Chartered Training provider (CTP) in Kenya joined hands with this leading Kenyan institution to help JKUAT replicate in BPO Training the same path-breaking success as it did in IT training during the nineties. Sharply focused BPO training programs benchmarked with the BCI global HCMS21 standards are being offered to graduating JKUAT students to prepare them various BPO domains including Customer Interaction, Finance & Accounting, Transaction Processing and Technical Support. The ABA-JKUAT joint initiative expects to add at least 2000 BCI certified fresh BPO talents and the JKUAT Vice Chancellor Prof. Imbuga is taking steps to establish a Center of BPO Studies in the university to create what will be Kenya’s and possibly East Africa’s very first BPO Talent Factory.

BCI Launches Global Mission Million Initiative…

The BPO juggernaut is rolling with a vengeance across the world and if there is anything that can actually stop or stutter it, its workforce shortage. As numerous studies conclude, the global BPO industry will be short of at least 2.0 million people by 2010 and this figure may well be higher if the industry grows at a higher rate. The most debilitating of these shortages is at the associate/ entry level in which India, the world’s leading BPO player-nation, alone needs whopping 1 million fresh talents. Considering this huge talent dearth, BCI launched its global Mission Million campaign in which the company and its partners worldwide will develop a pool of at least 1 million BPO-trained, BCI certified fresh talents. This initiative has already attracted attention of several national governments in Asia and Africa and many universities and colleges have already requested BCI to offer specially designed BPO Employability programs in their campuses. Watch this space more exciting news on this front. Indeed, you can write to us if you want your institution or nation to participate in this campaign.

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