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BCI to Breed the First Indigenous Batch of BPO Master Trainers for Mauritius

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BCI Ramping up Enterprise Systems Auditor Network

Faced with a rapid increase in the demand for its BSDQ® and BTMQ® enterprise certifications across South America, Eastern Europe and SADC region, BCI is revamping its network and structure of Enterprise Services Partners across the world. Notably, the BCI Partner network includes organizations engaged in Enterprise Systems Auditing and consulting for the SDMS and TMMS standards of BCI. In the renovated structure, BCI is looking at reinforcing the apparatus with a wider market coverage by developing eight Regional Solutions Hubs across the world, together covering all major geographies witnessing outsourcing growth. Each of these hubs are expected to have a cluster of Audit Partner organizations and groups of Change/ Compliance Facilitation experts. These hubs will also be strategically linked to the International Centers of Outsourcing Studies (ICOS®) operating in the region.

Kenya Methodist University hosts East Africa's first ICOS®

Kenya's quest for increasing its share in the global outsourcing pie got a shot in the arm with Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) becoming the first institution to establish the BCI licensed ICOS® in entire east Africa. Expected to start off operations in early September 2011, KeMU ICOS® seems best-placed to leverage this BCI global initiative to empower higher education institutions with the knowledge and systems to develop outsourcing talents and indigenous industry knowledge. Buzzing with more than 10000 students, the KeMU system boasts of several campuses across Kenya and is poised to enter South Sudan later this year.

Manav Rachna International University hosts India's first ICOS®

BCI's global initiative to empower higher education institutions with the knowledge and systems to develop outsourcing talents and indigenous industry knowledge hit the Indian shores in early 2011. After evaluating applications from more than a dozen universities and institutions, the BCI Partner Validation Council (PVC) finally agreed to permit the Manav Rachna International Univeristy (MRIU) in the New Delhi region to establish what will be India's very first International center for Outsourcing Studies - ICOS®. Notably, MRIU is among India's most prominent privately funded university with over 10000 students enrolled across a number of departments and campuses. The University has several first to its credit on aspects related to the practice of new teaching -learning systems, research and industry-interaction. the MRIU ICOS® will go on steam in September 2011 with several internationally benchmarked certificate, degree and research programs in Outsourcing.

CERIDIAN gets BTMQ10® Certification

World’s best known HR services provider CERIDIAN, got its Mauritian operations aligned to the BCI TMMS 2.0 talent management standards. Ceridian (Mauritius), thus becomes the very first organization in the entire SADC region to earn the prestigious BTMQ10® certification of BCI. A Fortune company, Ceridian Mauritius was audited for TMMS2.0 compliance across its nine client-facing service groups in Payroll, Finance and IT services horizontals, covering 600+ employees. The new-look, post-BTMQ10® talent management architecture at Ceridian now boasts of a lean & agile, 10-part assembly of systems and processes that addresses all critical drivers of talent management excellence across departments & functions in Ceridian.

BCI Sets up the Impact Sourcing Desk

Outsourcing and BPO industry is rapidly being recognized worldwide as potentially the most effective of employment generators for the economically disadvantaged and the marginalized. A number of interesting experiments have been undertaken in Africa and South Asia in what is now being called Impact Sourcing - in which, specialized BPOs deploy ONLY the economically disadvantaged after a short training to deliver services thus generating a large number of job opportunities for such people. BCI has also set up a special Impact Sourcing desk in India with the objective of helping governments, NGOs and other stakeholders in their efforts to empower the economically weak for the outsourcing industry. The BCI Impact Sourcing Desk has the mandate to develop:

    1. Integrated four-layer Skills-standards for Impact Sourcing workers and aligned qualification frameworks
    2. Impact sourcing entrepreneurship incubation models for creating rapid take-off Impact sourcing enterprises (primarily homegrown  micro-enterprises)
    3. capacity-building systems & frameworks for partner training companies globally to facilitate development of "organic" skillsets that are standards aligned and qualification/ certification-backed
    4. alternative eco-system models for Impact Soiurcing across various outsourcing clusters globally to facilitate inter-institutional collaboration
For more details and to contribute to this BCI initiative, please write to us at impactsourcing@bci.us.org.

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