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BCI to Breed the First Indigenous Batch of BPO Master Trainers for Mauritius

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BCI to Co- Sponsor Asia Pacific Service Outsourcing Conference - APOIC 2010 in Wuxi, China

BCI is Co-sponsoring the Asia Pacific Service Outsourcing Conference (September 10-14, 2010) in Wuxi, China.

With the broad-based development of China’s ITO and BPO sectors and with continuous governmental support for these pillars of the Chinese economy, APOIC is an important platform not only for its professional and technical significance, but as an important government initiative to enhance international cooperation between foreign countries and China in the fields of outsourcing and software/IT development. Wuxi Government has grabbed this opportunity and has taken the most advantages of it. With the direct sponsorship by the People’s Government of Wuxi Municipality, this conference provides a rare and unique chance to interact with various types of parties and candidates, such as Chinese companies, service vendors, and relevant research institutions; at the same time, getting to observe the comprehensive and real situation of OUTSOURCE in China.

To participate in the APOIC-2010 please write to apoic2010@bci.us.org or chris.jiang@iiomchina.org

Ceridian & Mauritius ready to turn out the first batch of CBTS® Team Leads…

The seriousness and determination of a country to enhance its global competitiveness can be measured by the alacrity and enthusiasm with which international standards and best practices are adopted by its companies and professionals. Mauritius is one of those few nations that hold forth a sterling example of how to change fast, no matter, how painful this change may be. Barely within a quarter of BCI establishing its presence in Mauritius, the BPO industry, it’s leading professionals and indeed the government, all of them are already closely clued on global standards and have begun taking small steps that will soon mean a giant leap for the Mauritian BPO. Ceridian, Mauritius, one of the world’s leading HR service providers, has nominated its first batch of high-potential Team Leaders for the CBTS® credential and their pre-certification training MasterClasses have commenced. This first batch of CBTS® credentialed Team Leads herald the beginning of the creation of the BPO Talent Pool in Mauritius.

Mauritius Kicks Off BPO Talent Development and Industry Standardization Initiative

Within few months of BCI appointing its Chartered CTP in the island, Mauritius has completed its preparations to embrace global BPO standards prescribed by BCI. In fact, Attestado Limited, the BCI Chartered CTP for Mauritius has been selected as the Training provider partner for the Mauritius government in its BPO talent development initiatives. In the next one year, Attestado has undertaken to create a pool of 2000 BCI credentialed BPO talents and professionals in the island.

BCI HireEasy 2010 initiative Rolls out…


Even as BCI’s high-pitched activities across 30+ countries to produce 1 million BPO-trained and credentialed fresh talents under the Mission Million! program continues unrelentingly, it’s Certification Training Providers across the world are ready to mount an unprecedented campaign in their respective countries to help their local BPOs access the BCI Talent Pool with greater ease. For this BCI has developed, what will easily be the world’s largest ever global hiring platform for BPO recruiters cutting across domains and locations. Called HireEasy®, this platform makes it easy for BPOs and contact centers to hire fresh talents – duly trained and certified – FREE of any recruitment fee.  The talent-sapped BPOs have to just contact any of BCI’s Certification Training Providers in their respective locations and post their talent requirements. Initial research shows that apart from radically improving the talent quality and productivity by hiring BCI-Certified talents through this initiative, a typical BPO/ Contact Center with 100 seats can save a lot of expenses incurred in hiring by signing up on the HireEasy initiative. Interested BPOs and Hiring Managers can write to hireeasy@bci.us.org to know more and join this initiative.

ORION CALLTECH is appointed a BCI CTP...

Another leading Indian BPO Training company joined the rapidly expanding BCI CTP network this May. Orion Calltech, India’s largest BPO training company in terms of volumes, was appointed a BCI Regional Network Certification Provider. ORION, notably has expanded rapidly across India and has commenced operations in Bhutan and Bangladesh. It training centers across more than 100 locations in these countries are completing preparations to launch BCI Certification Training activities by June 2010. This new inclusion in the BCI CTP network is yet another shot in the arm to its Mission Million initiative as ORION plans to groom 15000 BCI credentialed fresh BPO talents by 2011.

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