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BCI to Breed the First Indigenous Batch of BPO Master Trainers for Mauritius

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Spanking New Facility for Chartered CTP Operations in GCC Region

Excellus® BPO Academy, a division of the Gulf’s most renowned training organization ITC, moved into a new 20000 sq feet dedicated BPO training facility in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Notably, Excellus® handles the BCI Chartered CTP operations for the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries and also Jordan. Er. Tariq Malki, the CEO of Excellus®, unveiled the high-tech facility in presence of BCI top management, press and guests from the industry.

BCI Board Approves ICOS Program

The BCI Board finally approved inclusion of the program for setting up International Centers of Outsourcing Studies (ICOS) in institutions of Higher learning across carefully selected geographies. The ICOS program was conceived by the Global Partnerships Management Group of BCI after receiving numerous requests from universities across the world for establishing such centers within their campuses under license from BCI.

BCI will soon speak in Spanish, French, Chinese & Arabic…

Earlier this month, the BCI Board, after more than a year of intense multi-level debates, finally gave the go-ahead to the plans of making BCI certifications available in Spanish, French, Chinese & Arabic languages. Needless to say, with this decision, BCI certifications will now cover nearly 70% of the world’s domestic BPO markets that do not necessarily speak English and converse in the vernaculars based on Spanish, French, Chinese or Arabic. The entire South America and indeed most parts of North America converses in various derivatives of Spanish. BCI’s Spanish-medium certifications, which are expected to hit the marquee in the second quarter of 2011, will provide a powerful impetus to Latin American BPOs who are already beginning to enjoy near-shoring advantages with most US clients. Similarly, French, Arabic and Chinese medium certifications of BCI are expected to create global qualification and competence benchmarks for professionals working in domestic BPOs in Francophone Africa; West Asia and China – regions that are fancied to become the strongest BPO destinations by 2020.

BCI to help China Software Industry Association on Implementing BPO Standards…

The Chinese efforts to become a global BPO player have assumed a new pitch with several provinces finally beginning to attract FDI in BPO and outsourcing. Astride numerous incentive programs, Chinese BPO industry is looking at organizing itself on global standards and several government bodies associated with outsourcing promotion are working together to establish frameworks & standards for BPO companies on which they should operate. BCI has been working in China for the last two years and its growing importance for the country was once again outlined with the apex Chinese IT and BPO support body the CSIA (China Software Industry Association) mooting a proposal that BCI should advise the government in the customization of standards, qualifications and certifications for Chinese BPO employees. CSIA aims at using these frameworks and standards in taking top-level decisions regarding funding BPO promotion projects and incentive disbursements. The blue-print of this initiative was discussed between BCI’s top team visiting Wuxi and CSIA executives.

The BCI Master Trainer Certification being launched…

The much awaited CBMT® credential - Certified BPO Master Trainer - is finally on the horizon and the BPO Professional Certification Council (BPCC) has completed its pre-approval validations. To be simultaneously launched across 40+ countries in January 2011, the CBMT® is the world’s first credential for BPO Trainers and is based on rigorous HCMS21-dictated assessments. More than 5000 Trainers across the world are expected to be credentialed during 2011. BCI authorized Certification Training Providers internationally will be completing their content and delivery preparations for CBMT® shortly.

Most notably, CBMT® credential is expected to establish a stringent, reliable and internationally relevant qualification benchmark for trainers and will be of special help for new and emerging BPO nations in developing their resources of worldclass BPO trainers – the most critical and glaring piece of the resource crunch which these nations have been facing.

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