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BCI to Breed the First Indigenous Batch of BPO Master Trainers for Mauritius

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BCI to Breed the First Indigenous Batch of BPO Master Trainers for Mauritius

The budding BPO industry in Mauritius received a major boost when BCI (BPO Certification Institute) inked a deal with NCB (National Computer Board) under the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Ministry, to breed what will be the island’s first ever clutch of internationally certified BPO Master Trainers. TCG Hamilton has been assigned to handle the MTB (Master Trainer Breeding) Project on the ground on behalf of BCI. A special TCG Hamilton team will mount the MTB program aligned to the BCI BGSQ12 workforce development standards. A crack team of the elite BCI Certified Lead Trainers shall be deployed in this marquee project for the ICT Ministry of Mauritius, and post completion of the two-week intensive training program, the trainees will take the online CBMT® assessments for obtaining their prestigious CBMT® certification.

This project envisages making Mauritius self-sufficient in terms of training expertise demanded for developing a large pool of internationally certified BPO workforce. The participant-trainees of the MTB program will be nominated by the Mauritian government, and a special team has been deputed to monitor the project. Notably, the Mauritius government aims at deploying the Master Trainers graduating out of the BCI MTB program to train 5000-7000 individuals for entry level positions in the next 3 years. The TCG Hamilton MTB training program has been woven around the BCI HCMS21 (Human Competence Master Standards) to keep the learnings matched to the BCI CBMT® certification requirements. Expert teams at TCG Hamilton are studying up the needs of the Mauritian BPO industry to fine tune the MTB program. There will be an emphasis on leveraging the bilingual skills of the Mauritians. A vast majority of them know both English and French, and some, even certain Indian languages!

TCG Hamilton offers the world’s only solutions in master-trainer development and large-scale workforce breeding – aligned to the exacting standards of the world leader BCI. The 2 week MTB program is expected to go on steam in the last week of November in the ICT Center of Excellence at Ebene Cybercity in Mauritius.

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