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Critical Areas of BPO Business Leadership Excellence

Areas of Professional Excellence for BPO Business Leaders as prescribed under HCMS21, Release 3.5, 2012.

Code Assessment Component
A1 CBBL‌® Areas of Professional Excellence
  1. Vision of the Future of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry
    • Contours of change in the objectives & paradigms of Business Process Outsourcing
    • BPO Services of the Future
    • Competitive Landscape of Global BPO Industry
  2. Vision of the Future of the Business of BPOs
    • Emerging & Future Forms of Outsourcing Businesses
    • Emerging & Future Models of BPO Business Management
    • Enhancing Global Competitiveness of BPO Organizations
    • New Drivers of Business Management Excellence in BPO Organizations
  3. Challenges of Managing BPO Business
    • Competitiveness challenges for BPO businesses
    • Business Continuity challenges for BPO Businesses
    • Productivity & Service Delivery Challenges for BPO Organizations
    • Quality and Business Excellence Challenges for BPO Businesses
  4. Role of a BPO Business Leader
    • Roles of a BPO Business Leader
    • Skills & Competencies of a BPO Business Leader
  5. Contribution to Business Excellence & Organization Growth
    • Thinking & Implementing Worldclass Business Excellence Paradigms
    • Contribution to Business Expansion
    • Contribution to Organization Branding & Reputation
    • Contribution to Industry Growth
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