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CCIP® Critical Areas of Professional Knowledge & Competence

Areas of Knowledge & Competence Pre-requisites for Customer Interaction Professionals at the entry level as prescribed under HCMS21, Release 3.5, 2012.

Code Assessment Component
A1 CCIP‌® Domain Knowledge
  1. Nature & Typology of BPO Services
    • Concept and advantages of Business Process Outsourcing.
    • Categories and Types of BPO Organizations and BPO services.
  2. BPO Operations & Work Environment
    • Organization & Workplace Structures in BPO Organizations.
    • Equipment & Technologies generally deployed in BPO Organizations.
    • Common Modes and Media of Service Delivery in BPO Organizations.
  3. Personal Effectiveness Principles & Techniques
    • Challenges & Demands of BPO Work Environment
    • Creating & Managing Personal Brand-Equity in Workplace
    • Managing Personal Time
    • Managing Stress
    • Managing Professional Growth
  4. Role-profile of a Typical Customer Interaction Professional
    • Typical roles of a Customer Interaction Professional
    • Typical Key Result Areas (KRAs) of a Customer Interaction Professional
    • Skills & Competencies of a Customer Interaction Professional
  5. Principles & Techniques of Customer Service & Support
    • Principles & Objectives of Customer Relationship Management
    • Techniques in Initiation of Customer Interaction
    • Techniques of Handling Customers
  6. Principles & Techniques of Remote- & Tele- Sales
    • Basic Principles of Selling/ Sales
    • Principles & Techniques of Remote-selling
A2 Keyboarding Skills
  1. Keyboarding Speed & Accuracy in English Language
A3 Computing & Internet-related Operations
  1. Proficiency in basic PC-Based computing applications
  2. Internet Operations
A4 Language Structure, Vocabulary & Comprehension
  1. Correct usage of Grammar & Structure
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Listening Comprehension
A5 Verbal Language Skills
  1. Voice & Speech Quality
  2. Accent & Pronunciation
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