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CTSA® Assessment Structure & Plan

As prescribed under HCMS21, Release 3.5, 2012.

Components of CTSA‌® Assessment Policy for first-time BCI Registrants

Assessment Category Final Assessment Component Maximum Marks
A1 CTSA‌® Domain Knowledge Assessment 300
A2 Keyboarding Skills Assessment 100
A3 Computing Skills 100
A4 Language Structure, Vocabulary & Comprehension 50
A5 Verbal Language Skills 50

Important Note:

  1. The CTSA‌® Online examination seeks to evaluate an examinee’s knowledge about the Technical Support domain.
  2. To complete their eligibility for CTSA‌® Award consideration by BCI, all CTSA‌® registrants have to take all required tests and assessments.
  3. Keyboarding & PC Skills tests/assessments may be conducted in offline mode in some locations.
  4. Verbal English & Speech skills tests/assessments may be conducted in offline mode in some locations.

CTSA‌® Domain Knowledge Examination Weights

S. No. Areas of Professional Knowledge to be Assessed Proportional Weightage in Exam (in %)
1 Understanding of the Concept, Nature & Typology of BPO Services 10
2 Understanding of BPO Operations & Work Environment 10
3 Understanding of Personal Effectiveness Principles & Techniques 10
4 Role-profile of a Typical Business/ Technical Support Professional 10
5 Principles & Techniques of Customer Service 20
6 Principles & Techniques of Technical Support 40

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