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CBOM® Critical Areas of Professional Knowledge & Competence

Areas of Knowledge & Competence Pre-requisites for BPO Operations Managers as prescribed under HCMS21, Release 3.5, 2012.

Code Assessment Component
A1 CBOM‌® Domain Knowledge
  1. Understanding of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry
    • The phenomena, concept & types of Business Process Outsourcing
    • Structure & Offerings of the Global BPO Industry
    • Trends, Issues and challenges of the Global BPO Industry
  2. Operations Management Function in BPO Organizations
    • Generic Definition & Concept of Operations Management
    • Commonly practiced Models of BPO Operations Management
    • Generic Process Components of BPO Operations Management
    • Issues & Challenges in BPO Operations Management
    • Strategic Importance of Operations Management Excellence
  3. The Profile of a BPO Operations Manager
    • Roles of an Operations Manager
    • Typical Key Result Areas of an Operations Manager
    • Skills & Competencies of an Operations Manager
  4. Principles & Techniques of Service Delivery & Work Environment Management
    • Principles & Objectives of Service Delivery Management in BPO Organizations
    • Resource Budgeting and Costing
    • Knowledge Management for Operational Excellence in BPO Organizations
    • Workforce Optimization
    • Service Process development
    • Client-Process Migration
    • Service Delivery Management
    • Service Productivity Management
    • Service Quality Management
    • Work Environment Management
  5. Principles & Techniques of Client-Account Management
    • Basics of Account Management
    • Characteristics & Elements of a BPO Client Account
    • Management of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • Managing Client Communication
    • Performance Reporting to Clients
  6. Principles & Techniques of People Management
    • Team Recruitment
    • Team Induction and Deployment
    • Team Engagement
    • Talent Transformation
    • Performance Planning & Development
    • Performance Measurement, Analysis & Review
    • Building Empowered Teams
    • Managing Retention
    • Coaching & Mentoring
  7. Contribution to Other Functions and Organization Growth
    • Industry Monitoring, Prospecting & Competition Watch
    • Contribution to New Business Acquisition
    • Representing Organization in Events and Public Platforms
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