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CBMT‌® Recertification

Your CBMT‌® certification is valid for 3 years and to continue your qualification, you have to recertify. Recertification implies making your CBMT‌® credential valid again before its validity expires in 3 years. Keeping your CBMT‌® alive and active through recertification is easy. There will be frequent recertification reminder emails and text messages from BCI and from other BCI partners associated with you and you simply have to click the links mentioned in these communications, or log into your BCI account and register for CBMT‌® recertification. Remember, training is NOT mandatory for recertification and you have to only register and complete some documentary formalities. In case you have not been working for more than last three months at the time of applying for the recertification, you will be required to take the CBMT‌® recertification examination. Please click on the links below to know more.

How many times can you Re-certify for CBMT‌®

BCI permits unlimited number of recertification chances for CBMT‌® and your CBMT‌® qualification can expire only if it has not been “refreshed” once in three years. However, after two years of your CBMT‌® award, you may well consider upgrading to the people leader certification – the CBTM®- the Leader-level certification - Certified BPO People Leader. You will receive frequent reminders from BCI and other BCI partners on this and there are exciting upgrade offers, which you can grab and get fee discounts.

When to apply for a Re-certification for CBMT‌®

You should apply for recertification at least 8 weeks prior to the date of expiry of your CBMT‌® certification. This date is mentioned on your CBMT‌® as well. In addition, you receive frequent reminders from BCI to this effect. Remember, if your CBMT‌® recertification application is NOT received by BCI till two weeks before the expiry of your certification, your recertification request will be only processed as a fresh CBMT‌® application and you will have to pay the applicable full CBMT‌® fee.

How to Recertify for CBMT‌®

Recertification for CBMT‌® is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Register for your CBMT‌® Recertification Program
    You can enroll for recertification directly with BCI on one of the BCI portals or take the assistance of the training provider with whom you prepared for CBMT‌® the last time or any of the authorized BCI training providers nearest to you. Once you register and pay the required fee, you will receive the CBMT‌® recertification voucher and all other relevant information about your training and assessments etc., through email including the login details of your recertification account. You can pay for your recertification on the BCI portal either directly through your credit/debit card or buy a recertification voucher from your local authorized BCI training provider. Remember there are no PCC or training requirements and hence, you may directly qualify for the CBMT‌® recertification after completing the recertification formalities as mentioned in step 2 below. Indeed, do remember to enroll early if you want to enjoy the fee benefit!
  2. Complete CBMT‌® Recertification Requirements
    Once you have applied for a CBMT‌® recertification, you are required to complete the following BCI-prescribed formalities after logging into your account:

    • Submission of your latest Curriculum Vitae in the format available on the CBMT‌® Recertification section of the BCI portal.
    • Complete the Online Training Delivery Experience Report documenting key aspects of your learnings and achievements since attaining the CBMT‌® certification as instructed.
    • Request your direct senior or the reporting officer (Referee) to submit a Confidential Work-Performance Report for you in the prescribed format. This is done online by your referee by logging in directly into the BCI assessment portal.
    • In case you have not been working for three months or more prior to the date of applying for your CBMT‌® re-certification, you will be required to take the CBMT‌® recertification examination. You can schedule your examination by choosing online a particular date and time combination from the BCI examination schedule available in the examination section.
  3. Get the Certification Decision
    You are there now. If you qualify all prescribed BCI norms on knowledge and competence prerequisites and all documentation requirements are complete, your CBMT‌® credential stands reactivated for another one year and your new CBMT‌® Credential Pack reaches you in 30 days maximum.

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