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Become a CBSS‌ Certificant

a.  I am a CBSA‌™; how to become a CBSS‌™?

You just need to upgrade and it is easy. You can upgrade to CBSS‌™ - Certified Backoffice Services Specialist – six months after attaining your CBSA‌™ Certification. A majority of CBSA‌™ certificants choose to upgrade to CBSS‌™ rather than recertify, because the CBSA‌™ credential is actually valid and relevant most in the first year of an agent’s career and the CBSS‌™ suits professionals more second year onwards of their career. Upgrading to CBSS‌™ is easy. There will be frequent reminder emails from BCI and from other BCI partners and you simply have to click the links mentioned in these communications, or log into your BCI account and register for your upgrade to CBSS‌™. Please click on the links below to know more.

When can you Upgrade to CBSS‌™ from CBSA‌™

The best time to apply for an upgrade to CBSS‌™ is exactly six months after attaining your CBSA‌™ credential. In fact, most CBSA‌™ certificants choose to upgrade to CBSS‌™ instead of recertifying for CBSA‌™ when their CBSA‌™ is two months away from expiry. However, do pay attention to various upgrade offers and schemes frequently emailed to you by BCI. You may actually save a lot on upgrade voucher costs.

If you have already recertified for CBSA‌™ once, then an upgrade to CBSS‌™ is the only option, because BCI does not allow a second recertification for CBSA‌™. In that case, if your upgrade application is NOT received by BCI till two weeks before the expiry of your CBSA‌™ certification, your upgrade request will be only processed as a fresh CBSS‌™ application and you will have to pay the applicable full CBSS‌™ fee.

How to Upgrade from CBSA‌™

Upgrading from CBSA‌™ is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Register for CBSS‌™ through the Upgrade Link
    You can enroll for your upgrade directly with BCI on one of the BCI portals or take the assistance of any of the authorized BCI training providers nearest to you. Once you register and pay the required fee, you will receive the CBSS‌™ upgrade Voucher and all other relevant information about your training and assessments etc., through email including the details of your upgrade application. You will qualify for the CBSS‌™ upgrade after completing the upgrade formalities as mentioned in Step 2 below. Indeed, do remember to enroll early if you want to enjoy the fee benefit!
    arrow_block1 Click here to apply for an Upgrade to CBSS‌™!
  2. Complete Upgrade Requirements
    Once you have applied for an upgrade to CBSS‌™, you are required to complete the following BCI-prescribed formalities after logging into your account:

    • Submission of your latest Curriculum Vitae in the format available on the CBSS‌™ application section of the BCI portal.
    • Get the Online Backoffice Services Experience Career Report documenting key aspects of your learnings and achievements since attaining the CBSA‌™ certification as instructed.
    • Take the CBSS‌™ Upgrade examination. This examination contains only TWO sections as against the four sections of the standard CBSS‌™ Certification examination, which non-CBSA‌™ applicants are required to take. You can schedule your examination by choosing online a particular date and time combination from the BCI Examination Schedule available in the examination section.
  3. Get the Certification Decision
    You are there now. If you qualify all prescribed BCI norms on Knowledge and Competence Prerequisites and all required submissions are complete, you become eligible for the award of the CBSS‌™ credential and you can expect your CBSS‌™ Credential Pack to reach you within 30-35 days from the date of award.

b.  I have no other BCI Certification; how can I become a CBSS‌™

Attaining the CBSS‌™ qualification as a new applicant is a simple five-step process:

  1. Become a Primary Member
    To become a primary user member simply apply for the desired certification on the BCI website and you will receive an application process email with link for registration portal.
  2. Register for CBSS‌™
    Complete the registration and payment process as instructed in the registration process email/communication sent to you in the step 1.
    arrow_block1 Click here to apply for CBSS‌™ now!
  3. Train & Prepare for the CBSS‌™ Certification Assessments
    Training is NOT a mandatory requirement for CBSS‌™. In certain countries, BCI offers the option of self-study, and in many others, you may be referred to train with a BCI Authorized Training Provider. You shall be duly informed about your options in the BCI email sent to you carrying your registration confirmation information.
  4. Take the CBSS‌™ Certification Assessments
    You can take the CBSS‌™ Certification Examination on the scheduled date and time – everything online! You can take the CBSS‌™ examination minimum after 15 days of registration and should complete your examination maximum within 1 year from the date of registration. In addition to the online examination, you may have to make some assignment or documentary submissions as well.
    arrow_block1 Click here to review the Assessment Process for CBSS‌™!
  5. Certification Decision
    If you qualify all prescribed BCI norms on Knowledge and Competence Prerequisites and have completed your submissions, you become eligible for being considered for the award of the CBSS‌™ credential. You can expect your CBSS‌™ Credential Pack to reach you within 30-45 days from the date of declaration of the award decision.
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