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CCIS‌ Candidacy Requirements

Candidacy requirements define the parameters on the basis of which an applicant shall be evaluated fit for applying for a particular BCI certification. Candidacy requirements will vary across certifications.

Educational Requirements

Though there is no specific formal education requirement prescribed by BCI for CCIS‌™ qualification, it is advised that applicants for CCIS‌™ should have at least completed 14 years of formal education at the time of applying. Typically, most CCIS‌™ applicants have completed their A-Level/O-Level/Higher Secondary/12th grade. In fact, in many Asian and African countries, applicants with an undergraduate degree or those who are just graduating out of the university have often proven to be better prepared for harnessing their CCIS‌™ qualification - than their counterparts who are yet to go to university or college.

Professional / Work Requirements

BCI prescribes a minimum of 6 months of work experience in any of the typical or common customer interaction roles in call centers, BPO companies, hotels, department stores, front offices etc.

Applicants who come from non-BPO backgrounds,
are required to have minimum 18 months of associate level experience in typical or common customer interaction processes in any industry including banking, insurance, retail, telecommunication etc.

For applicants who have a BPO or a call center background,
the minimum prescribed work requirement is six months in data processing or backoffice and administration roles in BPO companies or offices of other organizations.

For applicants who have the BCI CCIP‌™ certification,
the minimum prescribed work requirement is minimum 3 months in roles like customer service; frontdesk and teleselling etc. in BPO companies, call centers or offices of other organizations.


Ideally, an applicant should have completed 18 years of age at the time of applying for CCIS‌™. There is no upper age bar, however for any BCI certification program.

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