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CBTS‌® Program

Over the last several years, the Certified BPO Team-Lead Specialist (CBTS‌®) credential has established itself as the world’s most premier qualification for Team Leaders and Supervisors working in the BPO industry. CBTS‌® is also being increasingly preferred by frontline leaders who head skilled teams handling documentation, data, information, interact with customers and deliver other backoffice services through well-defined processes. Successful completion of this program leads to the award of the CBTS‌® credential and a permission to use the CBTS‌® designation. CBTS‌® certified professionals are recognized in the global BPO community for their proven knowledge and competence in leading diverse teams; managing team performances and of developing a team-work culture in organizations. Most interestingly, CBTS‌® qualified professionals have repeatedly shown that their abilities are domain-agnostic and they are versatile enough to be able to work across multiple business domains and verticals. They have proven over the years that they are excellent material for handling managerial roles in operations, quality and even training and development in the future for their employer organizations.

The reputation of CBTS‌® as the world’s most credible team-leader qualification has to do a lot with its rigorous and comprehensive inclusion of all possible knowledge and competence aspects surrounding the team leadership and supervisory function. The CBTS‌® credential is awarded only after comprehensive assessments of competence of individuals in aspects related to managing teams that handle advanced aspects of team-based and technology-assisted delivery of services like customer care; teleselling; data handling; document processing; billing; order handling; ledger preparation; collections and technical support among so many others.

CBTS‌® is awarded to individuals who successfully complete the requirements as prescribed by the BPO Professional Certification Board (BPCB). These requirements primarily include submissions of proofs of competence accumulated through formal learning and past work and/or qualifying the online CBTS‌® examinations organized worldwide in various authorized BCI centers on dates specified in the BCI Assessments Calendar.

Though prior training for CBTS‌® is not mandatory under BCI policies, preparation for CBTS‌® examinations can certainly be done by applicants: either through self-study, or by training with any of the authorized BCI Training Providers, including authorized BCI training provider partners and International Centers for Outsourcing Studies in universities operating in various countries. Many employer-BPO organizations make in-company arrangements for this training and certification for their assistant team leaders or senior agents who are being groomed for frontline leadership roles.

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