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BTMQ Impacts on Business

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People are the most significant resources in any BPO organization and the emerging practice of referring to “people” or “workforce” as “talents” is a noteworthy development in modern business. The BTMQ™ credential is in many ways, a rigorous celebration of this rising new consciousness that employees should not be seen as mere bundles of skillsets meant for performing tasks, but more as a “bouquet of talents” capable of performing many roles more valuable than their manifest skillsets allow them. In the same vein, the TMMS framework echoes the sentiment of keeping “talents” on the top of the strategic management priorities in organizations by enshrining Talent Management Excellence a position in the Corporate Goals statement and at the same time, bringing talent management excellence out of the confines of the HR departments; and making it a responsibility to be shared by all department heads.

BTMQ™ certified organizations experience perceptible impact on their work environments; operations; competitiveness; and business attractiveness. The very process of attaining the BTMQ™ certification prepares and tones-up the organization for compliance to the TMMS and significantly improves the nature and quality of talent management. This eventually leaves a direct impact on the organization’s growth; its productivity; its workforce performance levels and on its all-round capabilities to deliver more value to clients. Also, in the long term, sustained conformance to the TMMS helps a BTMQ™ credentialed enterprise become a “preferred workplace” and enhance its employer-brand; business-marketing effectiveness; workforce stability and business continuity.

Listed below are the various ways through which a BTMQ™ credential impacts an organizations's growth and business:

Improves Business Development & Growth

Business development effectiveness in BPO organizations and their growth is almost always directly or indirectly connected to workforce matters. HR management or talent management, therefore has assumed heightened significance in the BPO industry today. BTMQ™ certified organizations are most ideally placed for high business growth because of three important reasons: one; the compliance to TMMS release 2.0 makes the service delivery processes leaner and easier for employees to work through, with fewer redundancies and sharper clarity on tasks and accountabilities, two, the TMMS compliance process leads to the development of a warm and enabling work-environment with stronger, more effective mechanisms for employee engagement; and finally; the service delivery system undergoes a massive tightening making it possible for supervisors and managers to monitor and extract performance from the workforce. These changes in structures and systems prepare BTMQ™ certified organizations very well for expansion, diversification, new product development etc.; whether it is through addition of new horizontals or verticals, or both. A BTMQ™ certified organization exhibits a workforce, which is stable; more competent; happier, and higher-performing than others, and on the other, it also proves to prospective clients that the organization’s workforce practices are ethical and conform to local laws.

Improves Work Environment & Culture

Work culture and environment are two of the most critical drivers of productivity and employee-performance across all organizations. However, for the BPO industry, the environment and culture of work often become the all-important drivers because of the type and size of workforce and the nature of work. The process of attaining the BTMQ™ prepares and primes up an organization’s systems for more efficient, comfortable and effective delivery of services that demand long hours of monotonous, process-based work pressing for long attention spans and high client-accountability. The TMMS focus on making all department heads in a BTMQ™-certified organization responsible for managing talents helps improve the micro-environment and culture of each department. Special measures and policies for workforce engagement are defined under the TMMS, supported by an empathetic framework of performance management. Steps like these lead not only to the improvement of overall environment and culture, but also ensure that the organizational ecosystem remains employee-caring and conducive to high-performance team-work in the long term.

Improves Service Productivity & Quality

The TMMS compliance journey actually serves to chip away at all the elements of the organizational ecosystem which interface with the workforce. This results in making the policies and systems in the organization more transparent and unbiased; communication and instructions within it clearer and more empathetic; the environment more motivating and caring; training more transformational and career prospects sharper. The caring and performance-based environment in a BTMQ™ certified organization catalyzes employee performance in no uncertain terms. Better motivated; better prepared; better informed and clearer-headed employees show significantly improved levels of service productivity and quality. In fact, the very process of attaining the BTMQ™ certification primes up an organization’s systems such that employees are able to perform their tasks more efficiently, comfortably and effectively, despite the strenuous demands of long hours of monotonous, process-based work; long attention spans and high client-accountability. The TMMS clearly stipulates that all department heads are responsible for managing the motivational and transformational needs of their teams and a sustained compliance to these requirements helps a BTMQ™ certified organization embed productivity-enhancing policies, practices and processes across all facilities and horizontals - from smallest units to those having large teams.

Improves Business Agility

The ability to adapt their service delivery speed, style and quality to emerging market requirements is most critical for BPO organizations today because of their clients’ need to remain responsive to their customers’ changing demands and expectations. Agile BPO organizations show a greater probability of remaining ahead of the curve simply because they can anticipate change faster and earlier than most others, and they react much before threats can numb them or opportunities can slip by. However, developing organizations with such highly responsive reflexes is not easy because it demands an optimized combination of smart technology, smart people and smart processes. BTMQ™ certified organizations develop an ecosystem that helps employees become fast on their feet, minds and reflexes. Sustained TMMS compliance makes BTMQ™ certified organizations develop work environment and culture, matching the high-responsiveness of the service-delivery teams demanded by clients operating in a rapidly-changing marketplace. Besides, the TMMS guided ecosystem of the organization also enables with the confidence of adding new horizontals and verticals swiftly. In BTMQ™ certified organizations, employees are nimble-footed because they are not weighed down by inflexible processes. The “cleaning” up of deadwood and the de-weeding of redundancies that happens during TMMS implementation tends to sharpen the processes of communication, information exchange, in-process quality assurance and skills-development; all of which serve to add agility to team-behavior.

Enhances Value for Clients

Value for BPO clients today means a lot more than delivering services at contracted costs and merely meeting the SLAs. It actually means being able to see the opportunities and challenges for the clients much before they clients themselves can, and then helping them brace up well for combating the changes in the environment. The fact is that agile BPOs are best placed to provide maximum value to their clients, and the critical driver behind this ability of theirs is their Workforce. BTMQ™ certified organizations show greater workforce-preparedness for being able to help clients add to or change their offerings or take other steps required to retain marketshare. Implementing TMMS on their way to the BTMQ™ certification empower BPO organizations with the right combination of work culture and performance management and skills-transformation mechanisms that enable the workforce adapt its service delivery speed, style and quality to emerging market requirements. Remaining responsive to constantly changing demands and expectations of client's customers has emerged as the most important pre-requisite for BPO organizations and BTMQ™ certified organizations develop an ecosystem that helps employees become fast on their feet, minds and reflexes. The TMMS guided ecosystem of the organization also makes employees respond swiftly and comfortably to the changes in client’s products or services.

Improve Talent Retention

Retaining employees saves an organization numerous HR costs on the one hand, and on the other, helps sustain client-confidence and levels and quality of services delivered. BPO service provider organizations are most prone to employee attrition because of a combination of well-known reasons and despite timely backfilling, the learning-curve phenomenon threatens productivity and quality levels of services delivered for clients. BTMQ™ certified organizations possess a combination of matured policies, process practices and work-environment that encourages employees to stay back for a reasonable duration. Perhaps, one of the most interesting advantages of implementing TMMS in BPO organizations is getting a “feel” of who should be retained and for how long and being able to distinguish between positive and negative Retention. Sustained conformance to the TMMS makes supervisors and managers serious about talent retention in their own teams, groups and departments backed up by compensation, rewards and career-growth policies that are transparent, merit-based and which have built-in bulwarks against discrimination and favoritism. High attrition in BPO organizations, is often attributed to factors like job-monotony; lack of self-growth opportunities; low-hanging glass ceilings and a perceived absence of growth and career opportunities in the organization. BTMQ™ certified organizations develop capabilities to plan for and strategize effectively in these scenarios to enrich job-content; create growth opportunities; and provide self-development opportunities to employees and do so proactively. Organizations with smartly managed retention levels enjoy much greater respect and trust of clients.

Reduces Talent Management Costs

BCI researches over the last five years show that attrition; training and hiring/backfilling are the top three drivers of high talent management costs in BPO organizations today. While larger organizations have the scale to dissipate some of these costs across facilities and bigger capacities, the mid- and smaller sized outfits operating “commoditized” services to clients are worst placed as attrition hits them the most, and backfilling, training and pre-deployment costs often knock off their bottomlines as their margins are too thin. The BTMQ™ certification process serves to strengthen the systemic foundations of an organization; streamlines people-management processes and these changes result in the control of attrition; reduction of backfilling and other pre-deployment costs and avoidance of productivity lags during new hire deployment phase.

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