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CTSA‌® Candidacy Requirements

Candidacy requirements define the parameters on the basis of which an applicant shall be evaluated fit for applying for a particular BCI certification. Candidacy requirements will vary across certifications.

Educational Requirements

Though BCI does not prescribe any minimum education qualification requirements, it has been seen that applicants with formal education in computers and who have qualified at least an A-Level/O-Level/Higher Secondary/12th grade/and have completed minimum 14 years of formal education do very well in their careers after their CTSA‌®, especially in some Asian and African countries.

Professional / Work Requirements

There is no requirement of prior work-experience to be able to apply for CTSA‌®. Even individuals just out of their schools and colleges with ZERO work experience can apply for CTSA‌®.

However, many of those with some work exposure behind them have been seen making a comparatively better use of the CTSA‌® qualification for their careers.


An applicant should have ideally completed 18 years of age at the time of applying for CTSA‌®. There is no upper age bar, however for any BCI certification program.

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