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CTSS‌ Benefits

  1. Global Recognition

    CTSS‌™ has emerged as the most preferred international qualification for professionals and executives handling post-sales support to customers of operating systems, application software, laptops, PCs, printers, scanners, broadband services, routers and networking etc. The fact is that Technical Support organizations and also large companies and government organizations worldwide feel more confident working with CTSS‌™ professionals who are in the elite international league of high-performers – well trained in their craft and work domain of technical support to end-customers.
  2. Career Advantage

    Being a CTSS‌™ means being an elite BCI alumnus – and a part of the illustrious BCI pool of worldclass BPO professionals. CTSS‌™ qualified professionals, therefore enjoy the international qualification advantages in their careers and become globally mobile resources with high salaries and perks.

    CTSS‌™ professionals manage to deliver more and better in their jobs in large organizations thanks to their wider and deeper perspective built through a proven exposure, experience and success in handling the most challenging roles related to various dimensions of technical support involving technology and process knowledge.
  3. Employer Benefits

    CTSS‌™ qualified professionals prove precious assets for their employers not only because they tend to raise the bar for performance, productivity and service quality, but also because, they infuse new professional energy in the workplace and help make the work-culture and environment global.

    Most typically, CTSS‌™ qualified individuals deploy almost immediately on new processes and can immerse quickly in new horizontals and client verticals. They don’t gestate for long and begin turning in the expected work-performance in more complex processes, horizontals and verticals much quicker than their non-certified counterparts.
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